Our Accomplishments

The Capri

City Sites was appointed by the Developer of this hi-rise residential condominium in 2004. This property has remained a valuable client for over 13 years.

Through pro-active and diligent management of the Corporation’s operating and reserve funds City Sites was able to achieve a 0% increase to the maintenance fees for 4 consecutive years.
Despite the fact that there have also been moderate increases to this property’s budget over several years, there has been an average increase of less than 1.8% to the common element fees from 2004 to 2016.

City Sites was also able to build an operating surplus more than $70,000.00 over 11 years which was invested into cashable GICs to continue to earn the Corporation competitive interest rates on its investment funds.

These accomplishments were made possible by collaborating with the Board to implement cost saving initiatives such as energy efficient lighting retrofits and boiler replacements as well as the installation of sensors monitoring and regulating energy consumption of other mechanical equipment.

These endeavours reduced annual operating costs providing City Sites with the ability to retain a healthy surplus for its client year after year and control increases to the common expenses paid by the unit owners.

  • 229 residential units + shared facilities
  • 3 level underground parking garage
  • Full time presence
  • Outdoor basketball court
  • Outdoor children’s playground
  • Fitness room
  • Swimming pool + Hot tub
  • Electrical sauna
  • Games room
  • Library
  • Multi-purpose “party” room

Centre IV

After being awarded the management contract in 2010 City Sites discovered the physical condition of the building had been neglected. The Corporation’s life and health safety systems, machinery, and mechanical equipment were in disrepair. Some of the major renovations and enhancements undertaken in the first few years of Management, in partnership with the Board included:
• Replacement of 5 low-efficiency boilers with updated high-efficiency models and 4 air make-up air units.
• Carpet and wallpaper replacement on all residential floors.
• Domestic vertical risers/pipes replaced with high-grade copper.
• Instituted window replacement program to replace 30 unit windows annually as the window seals had failed and water penetration was damaging units.
• Refurbishment of the 3 elevator cab interiors with stainless steel and upgraded lighting systems.
• Renovated indoor pool with new ceramic tiles and replaced entire corroded piping systems supplying the pool and spa amenities.
• Renovated Party Room facility, replaced carpeting with ceramic tiles, purchased and installed new furniture to enhance appeal for residential use.
• Conducted foundation repairs to compromised building structures that were permitting water entry through the parking level concrete.

In 2017 Condos.ca referred to this building as having the lowest maintenance fees per square feet of 127 comparable condominiums in Mississauga. City Sites is proud to not only keep the cost of living under control at this property, but to also increase the property value and improve the standard of maintenance at this condominium. This Corporation remains a valuable client.

  • 226 residential units
  • 2 level underground parking garage
  • Full time presence
  • Outdoor tennis court
  • Squash court
  • Billiards room
  • Swimming pool + Hot tub
  • Electrical sauna
  • Guest suites
  • Multi-purpose “party” room

Weston Gate

City Sites Property Management was appointed by this Corporation’s self-managed Board in 2015. The Board was seeking the knowledge and experience of a professional management company to assist them with compliance issues with the Condominium Act.
The Corporation was not in compliance with the Condominium Act, 1998. Specifically, the condominium’s audited financial statements were not being prepared in accordance with acceptable accounting practices. In addition, the Reserve and Operating funds were regularly being comingled by the Corporation’s bookkeeper. The property had not held its Annual General Meeting more than 6 months past the deadline prescribed by the Condominium Act. Finally, a Reserve Fund Study update had not been completed for this property in over 4 years.
During the first several months of our engagement, City Sites assisted the newly elected Board to understand the legislation governing condominium management. In partnership with the Board, City Sites co-ordinated the Corporation’s Annual General Meeting, completed a Class II update to the Corporation’s Reserve Fund Study and replaced the condominium’s auditor with approval from the ownership. City Sites also assumed all accounting functions on behalf of the Corporation eliminating the improper accounting procedures establishing control over the financial crisis.
All of these achievements were accomplished within the first year of management and on a part-time basis where our Property Manager spent only two half days per week on-site. This property is now in compliance with the Condominium Act, 1998 and remains a valuable client.

  • 74 residential units
  • 5 level underground parking garage
  • Part time presence
  • Outdoor garden
  • Exercise Room
  • Electrical sauna
  • Laundry facilities
  • Multi-purpose “party” room

Carlyle II

City Sites commenced management of this Corporation in early 2017. The building is part of a four tower condominium complex with shared facilities comprising a total of almost 1,500 units.

During the first few months of management our operations team performed an internal review of the Corporation’s finances and budget. After careful review of the Corporation’s budget and
financial statements it was discovered that contract services were on average 20% higher than market value. Management negotiated and tendered existing service contracts and introduced green building programs with the support of the Board to reduce the Corporation’s annual operating expenses.

Within a few short months, City Sites was able to save the Corporation over $70,000 projected annually on its service contracts and over $100,000 projected annually on its water and gas charges. In addition to savings generated on this client’s operating budget, over $15,000 of bad was also recovered from owners that had unpaid common expenses.

  • 342 residential units
  • 3 level underground parking garage
  • Full time presence
  • Squash court
  • Billiards/viewing Room
  • Multi Purpose Room
  • Gym
  • BBQ Area