The Company

The key to the efficient management of a condominium corporation is achieved by outstanding communication between management, residents and the Board, strong financial control over the corporations expenses and the diligent maintenance of mechanical, structural and life safety equipment.

Our Values



Communication is one of the most undervalued but nonetheless fundamental quality that a great Property Manager, and his/her management company must possess. Often, poor communication leads to a disgruntled ownership. We have prepared newsletters, resident handbooks and have recently partnered with a property management software company to provide the highest level of communication to our clients. Using all of these resources, our Managers utilize their genuine people skills to develop and maintain quality relationships with all residents in your community.

City Sites has observed that by taking great strides in providing clear and prompt communication to our clients, the sense of community at their properties is strengthened and the level of co-operation, understanding and cohesiveness between management, the board and residents are greatly improved.

Physical Maintenance

The ongoing physical maintenance of property is one of the most visible signs of good management. It is our duty to ensure the efficient operation of our clients' mechanical equipment and the overall preservation of their properties.

Our Property Managers perform regular physical building inspections, provide written reports, implement preventative maintenance and supervise all ongoing projects at our clients’ properties. During this process, we provide our clients with the best possible information for them to make informed policy decisions. This includes any potential energy savings available from green building initiatives and other programs which may benefit the longevity of the property.

Upon receiving instructions from our clients, our Managers implement their decisions in an expeditious and efficient fashion.

Financial Controls

The financial position of our clients’ assets are paramount to our combined success. We work diligently to establish financial security for our clients. All bank accounts operated by City Sites are opened in the name of the Corporation which we serve. Spending limits are also established.

City Sites does not sign cheques on behalf of our clients under any circumstances. Therefore, any payments made to suppliers or trades working for our clients must be approved by the Board of Directors and no payments to any trades are made without a minimum of two signatures from our client Boards.

ACMO 2000 Certifited

City Sites Property Management Inc. is proud to be an ACMO Corporate Member

The Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario was formed in 1977 to represent the collective aims of all condominium managers. ACMO’s Mission is to enhance the condominium management profession in Ontario by advancing the quality performance of Condominium property managers and management companies. ACMO provides formal educational programs which, coupled with experience and successful completion of an exam, culminates in the well known Registered Condominium Manager (R.C.M.) designation. Ongoing education is provided through luncheons, seminars, technical bulletins, newsletter and Condominium Manager Magazine. In this increasingly complex profession, this education provides ACMO members with a solid foundation for business success. All R.C.M. members are governed by a strict Code of Ethics which enhances the conduct in the profession. ACMO provides membership to corporate members, who are required to comply with a Corporate Code of Ethics and must attain their ACMO 2000 certificate within a specific timeframe.
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