The Executive Team

Victor Chirametli, H.M.D.,

Founder & CEO

Mr Victor Chirametli obtained a Diploma in Hotel Management from Romania, 1964 and a Diploma in Hospitality Management from George Brown College Toronto, 1984. Victor has spent over 30 years at the executive management level. This includes a 14-year tenure with Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto, rated the No. 1 hotel in Canada, No. 8 in North America, and No. 23 in the world at the time. Mr Chirametli was recognized for his managerial skills in the hospitality industry and become a well-respected leader in his field. During his tenure with Four Seasons, he had the privilege to meet, greet and organize many high profile functions for heads of state including the French President Francois Mitterrand, the Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl, the Prime Minister of China, the President of Israel Chaim Herzog, the Queen Mother, Canadian Prime Ministers, the Ontario Lieutenant Governor Lincoln Alexander and Ontario Premiers.

Some of the notable functions organized by Mr Chirametli include a G7 and G7 Finance Ministers Summit, United Nations and the Toronto International Film Festival where he hosted celebrities such as Liz Taylor, Sophia Lauren, Jane Fonda, Whoopi Golberg, Cher, Madonna, Tina Turner, Jane Seymour, the Jackson 5, the Rolling Stones and Elton John among many more.

After becoming a Certified Residential and Commercial Property Manager from the Property Management Association of Toronto in 1999, Mr Chirametli left the hospitality industry to manage residential and commercial condominiums. During the subsequent years, he gained invaluable experience in managing luxury condominium assets before founding City Sites Property Management in order to introduce his clients to a property management strategy that was unique to the industry.

His desire was to turn property management into a customer service experience. Using the hospitality business model of customer service, he introduced his clients to the extreme attention to detail and individualized communication style necessary to succeed in hospitality management.

Mr Chirametli takes great pride in the longevity and success of City Sites Property Management Inc. and is a member in good standing with the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO) and the International Facility Management Association (IFMA).

Nicholas Chirametli, B.Hsc., RCM


Mr. Nicholas Chirametli obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences from the University of Western Ontario. He is a Registered Condominium Manger with the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO) and a member of ACMO’s professional development committee, which provides education to condominium managers throughout Ontario.

Mr. Chirametli is also a member of the Board of Directors, and the chairman of the education for Community Association Institute providing educational offerings for condominium Boards and Managers and is the founder and co-host of the condo podcast series #WeSpeakCondo.

In 2016, he received the Genesis award from the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario for coordinating the evacuation and emergency repairs of several condominiums damaged by a landmark explosion in the City of Mississauga. In 2017, he was a guest speaker at the industry’s annual conference where he discussed how property managers can effectively respond to emergencies and provide leadership in emergency situations.

He returned as a speaker or moderator each year and is a regular contributor to CM Magazine providing tips to Managers to better service condominium Boards. He has introduced innovation to the condominium management industry through reliance upon emerging technologies and is responsible for the leadership and growth of the company.

Genesis Award

Presented to a condominium manager who is new in the profession and has displayed exceptional service
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Marc Cengiz, R.C.M.

Regional Director

Mr. Marc Cengiz serves as the Regional Director for City Sites Property Management overseeing our team of property management professionals in our growing portfolio of communities.

His responsibilities include developing initiatives to improve customer experience as well as driving strategies for both client and manager growth and retention. He is also tasked with the supervision of each of City Sites’ Regional Managers and by extension, the Property Managers whom they supervise.

Mr. Cengiz has an RCM designation and has been serving the condominium industry since 2007. He is dedicated to promoting and providing the highest level of professional standards to our clients.

Wyn Farrow

Director of Accounting

City Sites’ Award of Merit 2018 and 2019

Mrs. Wyn Farrow is the head of City Sites Property Management’s Accounting Department and brings with her more than 17 years of Property Management and Condominium Accounting experience. Her previous work experience includes auditing condominium corporations and leading a condominium accounting department where she was responsible for the financial statements of more than 100 condominiums across Ontario.

Mrs. Farrow is responsible for producing City Sites’ unaudited financial statements and assisting her staff with Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable functions. She is also the primary contact between City Sites’ client corporations and their respective Auditors and has received City Sites Property Management’s Award of Merit for dedicated service in 2018 and 2019.

Toula Kosmopoulos, B.A., Hons.

Manager , Human Resources

Mrs. Toula Kosmopoulos is the Manager of Human Resources at City Sites Property Management Inc. Previously to joining City Sites Property Management Inc.

Mrs. Kosmopoulos worked in the financial services industry where she built her career in a variety of roles ranging from client care, client investment management, technology support, IT analysis and relationship building. Through her professional experiences she has developed a passion for providing superior customer service and support, and strives to deliver this to all clients and staff of City Sites Property Management Inc. Mrs. Kosmopoulos holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Sociology from the University of Toronto.