Cannabis in Condos – What you need to know

August 16, 2018
Ari Soroka,Nicholas Chirametli

Special Guest: Shawn Pulver

A condominium lawyer and litigation partner

at Macdonald Sager Manis, LLP

Condominium Boards and Owners throughout the GTA are rushing to figure out how to respond to the legalization of marijuana. The law will permit residents to consume cannabis recreationally and grow up to four plants inside their homes. How does this affect condos you ask?

What happens when the smoke from your neighbour’s cannabis creeps into your home? Should Boards be worried that their neighbours may attract undesirable visitors to their building now that cultivation of marijuana will become legal? How should Condominium Boards respond to complaints and enforce rules when it comes to marijuana in condos?

We’re joined by Shawn Pulver, a condominium lawyer and litigation partner at Macdonald Sager Manis, LLP. Shawn has a thriving condominium corporation practice and advises condominium boards and owners on condominium governance issues relating to the Ontario Condominium Act. Shawn also has significant experience advising clients on the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act and disputes relating to condominium deficiencies and shared facilities disputes.

He recently moderated a seminar on the affects that the legalization of marijuana will have on condominiums in Toronto and the Province of Ontario and is frequently referred matters from other lawyers and clients due to his practical problem solving skills and ability to effectively advocate on behalf of his clients.

Shawn is a speaker and writer focusing on real estate and condominium related issues. He is also one of the seven founding directors of CAI Canada, a leading organization which provides education, licensing and credentialing opportunities to condominium and strata managers across Canada.

Follow the link below to listen to our conversation with Shawn where he gives practical advice to Condominium Boards and Owners on this polarizing topic.

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