Management’s role in condominium management is to provide advice and guidance to the Board and follow the Board’s directions collaboratively. Hospitality, and the customer experience are the cornerstones of City Sites’ brand. This philosophy spills over from the top down to every one of our Managers through our employee training programs.

City Sites’ Talent Pathway is an internal training program designed to further educate condominium managers employed by City Sites Property Management and provide them with the skillset to provide superlative service to our condominium clients. The program takes our Property Managers through real life scenarios to demonstrate the purpose behind meticulously crafted internal policy to refine the professional behaviours of our employees and includes monthly staff meetings and social initiatives.

The program includes:

  • Managing conflict
  • Board of Director meetings
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Contact Tendering
  • Customer Service
  • Personality management
  • Cultural sensitivity training

“Managers, manage and Directors, direct.
People get into trouble, when they try to do both.”

Marc Bhalla, Chartered Mediator and former President of CCI Toronto

Only through mutual respect and recognition of every member’s obligations, priorities and responsibilities can a cohesive relationship exist between the Board and Management. This is at the forefront of our training programs along with customer service skills, communication and strategic planning.
City Sites employs experienced property managers with R.C.M. or equivalent qualifications and our recruitment model assigns Managers to manageable portfolios relying on the tools provided by our technology partners.

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