President’s Message

Thank you for your interest in City Sites Property Management Inc.

At City Sites Property Management, our highest priority is to provide a customer service property management experience. Central to this effort is the teamwork of our qualified and experienced property management staff. Communication is paramount and in an industry that is built around people it remains vitally important to communicate openly, concisely and in a timely fashion.

We share responsibility for implementing a community oriented service and our commitment to our clients forms the foundation of our success. Our experienced team of condominium management specialists, ranging from administration, to operations staff and our accounting division, are all available to assist our client corporations in a very concise and professional manner.

We have a rich history of looking at problems from multiple perspectives, drawing on our collective experience and finding creative solutions to the most pressing challenges facing our clients.

As my team continues to provide outstanding leadership in the condominium management industry, I am more certain than ever that our future will be shaped by how successfully we embrace the forthcoming changes to the Condominium Act and by how effectively we continue to deliver satisfaction, outstanding leadership and proven results at every level.


Harold Cipin,
M.Sc., Hons. B.A., R.C.M.

President & COO

Harold S. Cipin is the President and Chief Operations Officer of City Sites Property Management Inc. and is a past President representing the Board of Directors of the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario