Saving Energy in Condos w/ Jon England – Parity’s HVAC Solution

July 29, 2019
Ari Soroka,Nicholas Chirametli

Established in 2016, Parity is an energy management platform for condo buildings. Using smart sensors & controls, their cloud software guarantees energy savings (typically 20-30%) on energy consumption through data-driven optimization of a building’s HVAC system.
Parity customers will save over $2M combined in the coming year. Every building is different. Contact Parity to see if your building qualifies for a free building assessment.

Email: contact@paritygo.com
Toll free: 1-833-372-7489

Website: www.paritygo.com
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/paritygo
Linkedin: https://ca.linkedin.com/company/parityinc

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#WeSpeakCondo Transcript:

Jon England of Parity in conversation with Nicholas Chirametli&Ari Sorokaof City Sites Property Management

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Hi, how are you? We’re back again for another exciting episode of #WeSpeakCondo. Uh, our guest today is Jon England. Uh, creativity runs rampant in your family in terms of last names. I see that. Um, and he is the vice president of sales. Now, I looked at this initially when this was first proposed to me. I said, this is going to be a great episode because I’m looking at it. He goes, his company’s name is party. Go. And I’m going, wow, you finally got us a good one. But actually it’s Parity. Right. Welcome to #WeSpeakCondo. I’d like to open our session and talk a little bit about Parity, give me the elevator speech. What’s your company? What’s it all about?

Sure. Thanks. All right, thanks Nicholas for having me on. Um, yeah, unfortunately we’re not party go. I can’t help you there. Uh, we focused on energy and, and really what we do is we’ve simplified the way that condominiums can reduce their energy consumption. So we offer a no upfront costs, guaranteed solution that’s turnkey, specifically designed for condos.

Damn, that was rehearsed. That was really good. It’s like he’s a vice president. It’s like, oh, there’s that. I don’t know. Crazy, crazy man. So, uh, in his, in his part time, he sells life insurance. So really it’s, it’s ultimately all the things you do in a nutshell. You Save condos money. Absolutely. That’s the bottom line, isn’t it? So let’s explore quickly what different areas you’re looking at there, where those savings are generated from, uh, generated as a pun. I just wanted to throw that in. It’s a little, it’s a little leftover from a previous episode.

There’s no shortage of energy puns that can be made for sure. Ah, so there’s a lot of things that you can do to reduce energy and the most common ones would be, you know, your LEDs. Uh, maybe you want to look at exhaust fans in your garage. And those are all great that we would call those low hanging fruit. That’s what everybody does, isn’t it? Right, right. There’s a thousand vendors out there that are gonna focus on those areas that, I’m going to ask you the million dollar question, but keep going. Uh, where we’re focusing on is a little bit more complicated but not too unreasonably complicated. It’s the mechanical system. So it’s everything in the building that’s required to generate comfort for the residents who live there. So heating, cooling, fresh air, domestic water, and all the systems that support

that level of comfort. Well that’s a great way to put it. System’s designed to provide comfort. I’ve never heard it that way. I am writing it down as we speak.

That’s great. So I think that’s perfect segue because we just covered a whole bunch on the domestic hot water and the water. Um, and we talked a little bit about HVAC. We should probably pick up at that point. So we’ve, we’ve already talked about what they do in terms of water efficiencies and water savings and unless there’s anything else you want to talk about specifically on that subject.

It might make sense to talk about some of the challenges that are just common in industry, um, that condos, property managers, board members face and that have actually prevented I think, um, looking into energy savings and there’s a number of, normally industry towns

You mean people are actually reticent about saving money. Yeah, I know. It’s, it’s crazy. Wow. You should see he’s shaking his head like a, like a, a bobble head on Blue Jays on game day. So, uh, why w why on earth would they be reticent to, to Save Money? What, what do you think psychologically is stopping them?

Well, I guess just overall, um, there’s a lot of noise in the market. And so if you look at, well first of all, actually seven back a condo is an ecosystem that involves a number of key personas. So you have your board of directors, you have a property manager at the local level, you have a regional manager, you’ve got a mechanical contractor involved, you’ve got engineers who you look to for advice, you’ve got lawyers and you’ve got all these different personas supporting one, one building. And right there, you’ve got it. Just a number of voices sharing with you. Here’s what’s good, here’s what’s bad. And that sometimes there can be even competing interests. I’m involved now with that said