Residential Management provides you with a multitude of services based on your specific needs. We provide 24 hour emergency response to ensure all of your concerns are addressed quickly and efficiently.

We have on and off-site services that benefit your property, ranging from assistance with community events and resident communications to all financial record keeping and enforcement of Condominium Act, Declaration, By-laws and Rules.

We have provided a brief list of our Management Services at a standard Residential Condominium Building.

Building Maintenance & Repairs

  • Comprehensive property inspections performed monthly.
  • Supervise and liaise with all contractors and service providers to ensure quality workmanship.
  • Seasonal facility management.
  • Service contract evaluations.

Communication & People Management

  • Assistance with Community Events
  • Attendance at all Board of Director Meetings
  • Arrangement of Worker Education Programs
  • Provide the Board with 24/7 emergency contact response
  • Preparation of all announcements
  • Recruiting, training and education of condominium employees
  • Preparation of quarterly newsletters if requested
  • Issue welcome packages and resident handbooks to all residents and owners
  • Senior Staff Supervisory Support for On-Site Managers

Financial Analysis & Planning

  • Performance evaluation and of the financial standing of the condominium corporation
  • Preparation of the annual budget
  • Arrange for the corporation's Reserve Fund Study, with a qualified engineering firm selected by the Board of Directors. (Performed every 3 years in accordance with The Condominium Act, 1998)
  • Review and propose recommendations on energy savings and government rebate initiatives to reduce utility costs
  • Consult with financial planners specializing in condominium Reserve Funds
  • Negotiation of Preferred Bank Interest Rates


  • Collection of monthly common element assessment fees
  • Financial Record-Keeping.
  • Cheque preparation (all cheques require signatures from the Board of Directors)
  • Daily Banking Services.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (E.F.T.) Banking
  • Preparation of Monthly Financial Statements
  • Preparation of Status Certificates by request