Transition Process

The ease by which the Transition Process between Management companies is complete depends on the professionalism and co-operation of your incumbent management company and the availability of the records for your corporation. City Sites Property Management has an excellent working relationship with other professional Management companies and has not encountered any significant challenges when onboarding new clients.

Phase I

Steps taken in advance of Property Management Services.

Phase II

Steps taken when at the onset of Property Management Services..

Phase III

Steps taken between 1-3 months’ Management of your property.


Actions taken by Property Management prior to commencement of the contract which are required to setup your property for new management.

the following provides a high-level overview of those mandatory first steps required for new management. When there is a transition from your incumbent, to new management these steps must be taken prior to the first day of on-site management in order to take over a smoothly operating property.

1. Notify Incumbent Management

Upon receipt of the termination letter to your incumbent management provider, and a signed copy of our Management Agreement the first step is to contact your incumbent and inform them that City Sites Property Management has been engaged by the Board.

A checklist requesting all the corporation’s records will be provided to your incumbent. The documents that will be requested are required for City Sites’ staff to begin the transition.

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2.A Notify Banking Institution

City Sites’ accounting department will contact your banking institution to notify them that new Management will be taking over the account.

Your banking institution will generate new paperwork for signature by the Board to initiate the appropriate revisions.

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3. Present Paperwork to Board of Directors

Paperwork required of the Board to sign such as banking agreement(s) and cash management forms will be presented to the Board of Directors to sign permitting City Sites to move forward with setting up the corporation’s bank account(s).

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Actions taken by Property Management within the first week of tenure at the corporation(s).

The following provides a high-level overview of the actions taken by the Property Manager to orient themselves when they step on site at your property.

4.Introduction to Community

City Sites will introduce itself to your community by way of general notice or email blast to unit owners. The introduction will be provided up to 30 days before we begin Management.

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5.Introduction to Vendors

In order to notify Vendors servicing your corporations City Sites will review the property’s data sheets and list of service providers and prepare a letter to introduce ourselves as the new managing agent for the corporation.

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6.Review of Corporation’s Action List

Once the new Manager has had an opportunity to settle into their role, he/she will meet with the Board of Directors to review the Board’s priorities for the fiscal year and determine which areas the Manager should focus their attention.

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Actions taken by Property Management between one (1) and three (3) months after taking over the property.

The following provides a high-level overview of actions taken by the Property Management team between one (1) and three (3) months after taking over the property. We refer to this as the “adjustment period” where the Manager becomes familiar with the property’s unique needs.

7.Contract and Financial Review

The Property Manager will review the financial position of the corporation and assess the contracts and services already in place at the property to advise the Board of Directors about the annual management plan for the property with a fresh look.

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