Vendor Management

Connecting Property Managers to Trusted Vendors

Vendor PM

VendorPM empowers property managers through independent and verified ratings & reviews of 10, 000+ vendors that are qualified to service your properties.

City Sites is excited to announce our partnership with vendorPM. We are committed to optimizing every penny spent on our service vendors, ensuring that we never waste resources learning from our mistakes because we get it right the first time.

There is a significant gap in data and transparency that results in an excess of inefficiencies at property management expense. With VendorPM, the property manager will never again waste resources with the wrong vendors and finally make time for the higher value activities that move their firm and stakeholders forward.

Property Managers

  • Access 10,000+ vendors across 100+ services.
  • Rated and Reviewed by, & only by, Property Managers.
  • Request Your 3 Quotes in less than 2 minutes.

Head Office

  • ProactivelyIndentify Threats and Opportunities.
  • Optimize & track the highest performing vendor list always.
  • Proactively Identify Opportunities to Save Time + Money.


City Sites now offers the next level in customer experience for condominium boards to approve supplier payments...

City Sites Property Management, a leader in providing creative solutions for property management, is also the first property management company in Canada to implement SparcPay.

- an app to replace cheques. SparcPay streamlines the review and approval of supplier payments with a user-friendly digital experience. Spend less time on outdated paperwork processes and get more control over your payments, so you can focus on what really matters.

The Very Best in Convenience and Financial Control

Eliminate Paperwork

Stop passing around a stack of bills and cheques. SparcPay Allows board members to approve payments using a phone, tabler, or computer.

Convenience and Control

Have a board member out of town or on holiday? With SparcPay, they can still view payments, see attachments, and digitally sign from anywhere.

Smarter payments

Cheques are slow, expensive, and prone to fraud. Electronic payments are fast, secure, traceable & cost less.

Innovation in Condominium Financial Management

We want our client’s experience to reflect the very best in convenience and financial control. Offering leading edge technology that eliminates outdated and inefficient payment processes is just one of the ways that City Sites is delivering exceptional service and value.

Our property managers love the program because invoices are provided electronically, coded online and kept in a secure cyberspace for auditing purposes. SparcPay integrates with our accounting software so entries are made automatically! There is no longer invoice or cheque delivery to the condos that we manage and there is no longer any wait time to pay vendors for their services. Directors can approve or reject invoices online with relative ease by accessing a secure web portal with their personal computer or smart device.

I am greatly encouraged by our partnership with SparcPay which is providing value to our organization and our clients. This incredible innovation in condominium financial management will no doubt accelerate the condominium management industry’s departure from the dark ages into the modern world.

Completely secure approvals & payments

Detailed supporting documentation for bills

Cloud-based for on-the-go approvals

Full audit-trail & transparency