We tendered the property management contract in search of a property management company that would bring better ideas to our table and guide the Board towards progressive forward thinking without the encumbrance of a bureaucratic-laden organization. We found City Sites and the management team and they have never disappointed us in over 11 years. We are extremely pleased with City Sites.

B. Kopij

Our Corporation was one step away from a court appointed administrator. Previous Boards had hired and fired countless Management companies and were themselves replaced almost every year.
Hiring City Sites Property Management in 2010 was the best, lifesaving decision our relatively new Board could have made. With City Sites and the management team stepping up to the plate, we worked very hard together, putting in countless hours to bring our Corporation back on track. City Sites has been with us for close to eight years and we couldn’t be happier.

V. Perierra

As President of our townhome complex for the last 8 years, I have had the pleasure of working closely with City Sites. Their dedication, commitment and level of integrity is beyond reproach. We are very happy to have City Sites Property Management managing our corporation.

T. Khan

We have been a proud client of City Sites since 2016. We transitioned to City Sites after several horrendous years with another company. City Sites was instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition for the board and existing home owners at the time. We have come to rely upon their expertise in all matters related to governing our properties and the subsequent activities that are inherent with this. Furthermore, our homeowners are exalted at the level of service and dedication City Sites has brought to our community. I, personally, see more of our Property Manager onsite than I do of some of my neighbors. This speaks volumes about the dedication of the team at City Sites in providing stellar customer service. Overall, we are tremendously happy with our decision to hire City Sites as our Property Management firm.

C. Jackson

After a fire at our condominium this summer, a resident called 911 and then City Sites. They immediately went into action. The Operations Manager who was heading in the opposite direction, cancelled his schedule and drove to our property. He met with the Fire Department, walked our property, spoke to residents, put up notices, and alerted the residents via email on their community software program.
The last time we had a serious problem, no one showed up from any level of Management from our former property management company. Since our call to City Sites, we received calls and emails from all three of the principals of City Sites Management in the same day to keep us updated.
My Board is convinced that we choose the right property management company and above all, our community is being well-served.

L. Lewin

I just wanted to let you how much I appreciate you do for this Building on a daily basis.
It always clean and looks great not to mention the beautiful flower pots at the front entrance. There has never been an issue or situation that hasn’t been followed up and resolved for me.
I appreciate knowing that your manager is at the end of a phone or an email and always returns either one to me the same day! I can’t see anyone else please doing the excellent job that she does on a daily basis!

A. Texeira

I want to note the good progress in the work in the building. Beautiful flowers, a new garage door, replaced all the lighting in the garage and in the corridors, painting the lobby. The building is always clean. Thanks for good job.

Y. Banks

I just wanted to bring to your attention an observation which I’ve been meaning to share with you for quite some time regarding our building manager. This woman is truly an asset to your company and to this building in which I reside. She shows her passion in what she does and truly cares about the residents that live here. Any time I see her, she is welcoming, has the answer to a question or if she does not, the follow up is within the day. It is very noticeable how she has everything under control. You really have an exceptional employee and we are truly very, very lucky.

D. Andena

I am an investor which has owned a suite in your building for approximately 7 months. I also own investment properties in Toronto and Mississauga. I deal with various management teams as well as a whole host of property managers with various experience and expertise. It is very important that I communicate to you that your manager is a true professional in every sense of the word.
The owners and residents are extremely well represented and assure you that I continue to see progress in the appearance and continuity of the said property. The building looks great and feels great from the moment I arrive. It’s an absolute pleasure going there. I leave the building feeling assured that my investment is well taken care of.

F. Junior

I normally do not write these sorts of things but when somebody does a great job, they should be commended, and recognized. I felt compelled to write to you so your hard work and efforts are recognized. Every tenant we meet is friendly and very proud to live here and are of the same opinion of how great a job you do!

N. & R. Ehmer

The property manger at my condo is very professional and courteous. I am very happy with the way she responds to issues. This company really cares!!!

K. Omar

This company stands behind their property manager and are involved in everything happening at their building. They are also in touch with the president of the board about important matters and are willing to meet with them anytime. I wish we’d had this property management company since our building was built 30 yrs ago but we just hired them over a year ago. They are enforcing the condo rules and showing us how to save money on contracts etc. I recommend them highly!

K. Foster

In May I had a flood in my bathroom from upstairs. The management company solved the flooding issue I had with my neighbour and organized repairs to my bathroom. It was very stressful but management handled the situation competently.

Moe H.

Vijay Periera Testimonial City Sites Property Management

Bob Kopij Testimonial Crisis Management

Zorica Lalic Former Condo President Testimonial City Sites Property Management