Client Testimonials

We tendered the property management contract in search of a property management company that would bring better ideas to our table and guide the Board towards progressive forward thinking and timely decisions without the encumbrance of our Corporation being fitted into a hierarchical, bureaucratic-laden head office system. We found City Sites and the management team and they have never disappointed us in over 9 years. We are extremely pleased with City Sites.

Bob K.

Our Corporation was one step away from a court appointed administrator. Previous Boards had hired and fired countless Management companies and were themselves replaced almost every year.

Hiring City Sites Property Management in 2010 was the best, lifesaving decision our relatively new Board could have made. With City Sites and the management team stepping up to the plate, we worked very hard together, putting in countless hours to bring our Corporation back on track. City Sites has been with us for close to six years and we couldn’t be happier.

Vijay P.

As President of our townhome complex for the last 8 years, I have had the pleasure of working closely with City Sites. Their dedication, commitment and level of integrity is beyond reproach. We are very happy to have City Sites Property Management managing the affairs of our Corporation.

Toufique K.

We have been a proud client of City Sites since 2016. We transitioned to City Sites after several horrendous years with another company. City Sites was instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition for the board and existing home owners at the time. We have come to rely upon their expertise in all matters related to governing our properties and the subsequent activities that are inherent with this. Furthermore, our homeowners are exalted at the level of service and dedication City Sites has brought to our community. I, personally, see more of our Property Manager onsite than I do of some of my neighbors. This speaks volumes about the dedication of the team at City Sites in providing stellar customer service. Overall, we are tremendously happy with our decision to hire City Sites as our Townhouse Property Management firm.

Chris J.